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Thanks for being here.
Michelle Villett
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Thanks for being here.

Let’s face it—the last thing this world needs is another beauty blog. Which is why, despite possessing an infinite amount of knowledge on hair removal, lip gloss and where to get the best pedicures, it took me until now to start this site. But let me tell you why things will be different around here.

First of all, full disclosure: I write about beauty for a living. Most recently, I was the beauty and health editor at ELLE Canada. I’ve also written for FLARE, FASHION, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Life, Chatelaine, Glow, enRoute, Cosmetics, WHERE, Quill & Quire and Wish, and appeared as a guest on Canada AM and Breakfast Television.

So you could say I’ve picked up a thing or two along the way, thanks to dozens of interviews over the years with dermatologists, hairdressers, makeup artists and fragrance designers. I also test new products and services on a regular basis—which isn’t always glam, by the way. (Some day, I’ll tell you about my near-death experience while having a facial.)

My goal here is not only to share what I’ve learned, but also to provide you with insider access to new trends, product launches and experts. Just think of this site like a beauty magazine, only better. (After all, there’ll be more to read, more often—and it’s free! Plus, I promise brutal honesty—I’ll tell you how I really feel about every product I've tested.)

So with that, welcome to Beauty Editor! I hope you’ll let me know what you think by commenting on posts or dropping me a line.