How to look well-rested


What’s the one single makeup trick that makes the biggest difference to how you look—and that you should always apply, no matter whether you’re going to work or just heading to yoga class?

Apply concealer to the inner corners around your eyes.

I picked up this trick a few years ago from makeup artist (and ex-beauty editor) Miriam Gee of GEE Beauty in Toronto. I had a one-on-one makeup lesson with her for a story I was writing for FASHION, and at the time was only applying my concealer under the outer corners of my eyes.

Big mistake.

The skin around the inner corners of your eyes is actually more shadowed than the rest of the eye area, so covering it up can make a dramatic difference. According to Miriam, if you do just one thing before you walk out the door, do this! It will instantly give your eyes a lift and make you look more awake and rested.

Look for a concealer with a slightly creamy consistency. (Naturally, GEE Beauty’s own concealer stick works well; I also like Benefit Boi-ing). But don’t go too creamy—Benefit Erase Paste, for example, can crease. Powders, like bareMinerals Well-Rested for Eyes, also do the trick, although in my experience they don’t last quite as long. Just make sure you avoid anything too heavy, as it will just look cakey around the delicate eye area.

For best results, apply with a concealer brush. Or, in a pinch, you can use your ring finger—just be gentle!


Nicky Bromow
Thursday, April 14/2011 at 2:42 pm

Booing for the win! I even use it plain as a foundation, but only over the redness and blemishes and it blends real well! I have the darker version I got in the Realness of Councealeness kit (love lemon aid, high beam and oh la lift that are also included) and even if im fair, it suits me real well. I need to restock but I think I’ll try the lighter version this time


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Friday, April 15/2011 at 7:45 pm

Yes, Benefit makes great concealers!


Wednesday, September 7/2011 at 1:11 pm

I love Erase Paste for inner corners, outer corners and following the hollow of any deep, dark areas around the eyes. Just make sure to set it with a finely milled powder and it shouldn’t crease in any fine lines around the eyes. I love their camouflage powder to help brighten even more . If it does crease, try using a really good quality skin primer that is not a heavy silicone.

Great post!!


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