Editor's Pick: Olay Definity 14 Day Skin Rehabilitation

Rehab for your skin.
Michelle Villett
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Rehab for your skin.

What it is: An intensive, three-phase anti-aging treatment for stressed-out skin.

What it does: Did you know that it's not just wrinkles that can make your skin look older, but dull, uneven tone as well? And that stressing out—which we're pretty much ALL guilty of—can have a real impact on both issues? Okay, I'll stop asking questions now and instead tell you about this clever little kit.

It attacks BOTH wrinkles and uneven skin tone—but you've got to be game for two weeks of nightly treatments. For the first seven days, you apply single-dose tubes of a super-charged exfoliating complex, which helps diminish the appearance of wrinkles and discolouration. (Who knew, right? Well, the theory is that a good exfoliation helps along your skin cell turnover, which gets sluggish starting in your thirties.)

Then, for the next six days, you apply a potent form of Olay's glucosamine complex, which helps block the enzyme that produces melanin—the substance responsible for uneven skin tone. Take that, pesky age spots!

The last step is a super-hydrating mask that contains five times the amount of skin conditioners found in a typical lotion, to give your skin a final boost of moisture. (Translation: you'll finish off the two weeks with dewy, glowy, healthy-looking skin.)

Best suited for: Giving your skin a treat after a spell of bad behaviour. (Um, can I do this treatment weekly?)

Priced at $42.99 for 13 tubes and one mask. Available at food, drug and mass merchandise retailers across Canada.