How-to: Dior’s modern smoky eye (minus the scary eyebrows)

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The black smoky eye is so same-old, same-old. For spring, I’m really feeling this silvery palette from Dior’s fall show. (Because while we may have to wait for the clothes, we can start wearing the beauty looks now.) It looks impressive—minus the pencil-thin eyebrows of course—but isn’t all that tricky to achieve. Trust.

To get the look:

  1. Choose a pale, slate-coloured shadow with just a hint of shimmer and brush it from the lash line up to the brows, making sure to apply it around the inner corner of the eyes for extra drama. Avoid anything too iridescent (notice the real shine is just concentrated on the inner corners of the eyes, and we’ll get to that part later).
  2. Layer a slightly darker shade on top, concentrating it in the outer part of the crease and around the outer lash line to add dimension.
  3. Line the upper lash line with a black liquid liner. Once it dries, go over the line with a black or dark gray eyeshadow (apply it with an angled brush), working the shadow as close as possible to the lash line to fill in any gaps. Brush it along the lower lash line too.
  4. If you’re game, you can use a waterproof black eyeliner to line the inner eyelids. This is a bit tricky and I’m sure is not recommended by most opthamologists, but once you get the hang of it, is super-easy, and really makes the eyes pop.
  5. Apply a dab of shimmery white highlighter at the inner corner of each eye.
  6. Curl your lashes and apply two or three coats of the most volumizing, lash-lengthening mascara you can find. (False lashes, as used here, would look great too.)
  7. Leave the rest of your face bare—a peachy blush and lip gloss are all you need to keep the focus on your eyes.

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