Trend alert: Hair feathers

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Thanks a lot, Blair Waldorf. I still want to wear hairbands, but you kind of ruined them for me. Sigh. I’m moving on now. At Lanvin’s fall show, the models rocked these stylish feathered hairpieces, and you heard it here first: you can pick up a cheap ‘n’ cheerful, “Lanvin-esque” version (for under $10) at Forever 21. (That’s one of my two, not-so-secret go-to sources for fab, low-priced hair accessories. Claire’s Accessories is the other one.) Would the adorable Guido Palau, who did the hair for Lanvin, approve? I think so. After, all, I once interviewed him about the best accessories for getting your hair party-ready, and he said a simple, inexpensive black headband was the ultimate must-have. So think of this as a slightly dressed-up version.

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