How to emphasize eyes AND lips

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So, for years the makeup mantra has been “Pick a feature. Eyes or lips. Not both.” Probably due to a looooong hangover from the Age of Overkill, a.k.a. the 1980s. But obviously, some rules are meant to be broken—take a look at the makeup from Anna Sui’s fall show (courtesy of Pat McGrath).

But before we go any further, there is just one thing you need to keep in mind. You see, back when we were single-feature emphasizing it was perfectly acceptable to go OTT with a super-pigmented red lipstick, for example, or a heavy charcoal shadow. Ridiculous together, but set alone, with the rest of the face almost bare, it was (and still is) a striking look.

But forget about that here. For the “eyes+lips” to work, you need sheer, almost translucent colours that you can layer to get the right amount of pigment.

Eyes should be smoky, but choose lighter colours, like grays or browns—nothing too heavy. And you must, must, must avoid opaque lips. Go for the stained look shown here. You can get it with CoverGirl’s new Outlast Lip Stain in Sassy Mauve ($8.69 from But truthfully, you could get a similar look with lipstick too. Just blot it with a tissue so that you’re just left with the soft pigment. Apply a bit of lip balm (avoid gloss, it’s too shiny) for a slightly moist look.

Flushed cheeks are essential to keep the look fresh—otherwise it’s too Robert Palmer-esque. (Oh and maybe keep your hair down too, just in case.)

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