Eva Chen, Teen Vogue’s beauty director

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What’s it really like being a beauty editor? Teen Vogue‘s beauty director Eva Chen tells all in this post over at Fashionista.com.

How does she compare to us beauty folks north of the border? Well for starters, we’re not dealing with anything on quite this scale:

I get at least 100 products a day, so I’m constantly clearing stuff out just to maintain some order!

Still, the basic elements of the job remain the same, so it’s an accurate (and very detailed!) picture of what it’s like to work in the beauty department of a magazine—and a must-read if you’re thinking about getting into the industry.

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Shreve Cameron
Tuesday, June 8/2010 at 12:02 am

Hi my name is Shreve Cameron I met Eva Chen at the meet and greet back stage at the Taylor Swift Concert! I had some questions about beauty and teen vogue in general that I would love to ask her if there is anyway she could email me back that would be awsome!! Thanks so much


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