Makeunder candidate of the week: Tori Spelling

Post image for Makeunder candidate of the week: Tori Spelling

Oh, Tori. I’m no hater but this girl just doesn’t know how to work what she’s got, you know? And this look is just TOO MUCH. Too tan, too blonde, too red-lip. It all makes her features look chiseled and hard, when what she really needs is to be softening things up as much as possible. And that uni-boob green dress doesn’t do her any favours either. My favourite Tori (because I DO like Tori—who else can say they’ve actually read sTORI Telling?) was during Season 1 and 2 of Tori & Dean: Inn Love. (Photo evidence here.) Longer, more natural-looking hair, waaaay less makeup and zero hint of faux tanner. I even liked the California-style T-shirts and sweats! (Possibly because they’re my freelancer’s uniform of choice these days.) Anyway—Tori, will you let me make you under?

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