Can probiotics clear up your skin?

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What’s the next big thing in skincare? According to a piece in the UK’s Daily Mail, probiotics and prebiotics, which are friendly bacteria that live in our guts.

The idea is that probiotics (beneficial bacteria) and prebiotics (essential fuel for the beneficial bacteria) can help improve the balance of bacteria in your skin, in the same way they are known to improve the balance of bacteria in your digestive system.

A few studies have shown improvements in conditions like acne and eczema after taking probiotics and prebiotics… and now, companies like Nude Skincare (Bono’s wife, Ali Hewson, is a co-founder) are getting in on the action. The article doesn’t talk about Biotherm, but that brand was actually first to market with the probiotics-in-skincare trend, which they call “dermobiotics.” I was lucky enough to fly to Monaco a couple years ago to cover the launch for ELLE Canada, as an accompaniment to a piece by my pal Marilisa on probiotics and prebiotics in health foods. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available online, but you can find it in the December 2007 issue, I believe.

Anyway, do I believe the hype? It all sounds promising, but for now, I’ll think I’ll stick with my trusty acidophilus tablets first thing in the a.m.

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