Editor's Pick: TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Shampoo

Dirt cheap and it WORKS.
Michelle Villett
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Dirt cheap and it WORKS.

Yesterday, I watched my first "webinar." Usually, we beauty folk dash around town attending rather lavish events, which beauty PR companies put on at various hotels, restaurants and the like in order to present new products to us. But yesterday, the whole thing took place over the interwebs, in the form of a live-streamed presentation that we could watch from our desks. Welcome to the recession.

Fittingly, the point of said "webinar" was to highlight that you don't have to spend a lot of money on your beauty regimen to get good results. And on that point at least, I can wholeheartedly agree. Case in point: I just discovered this shampoo from TRESemmé*, which is quite possibly the beauty bargain of the century. Find out why after the jump.

I was tipped off to the wonders of this product after a conversation with a fellow beauty editor friend. (Yes, this is what we talk about. Don't judge.)

As a die-hard Kérastase user—it was an attempt to correct the damage from my previous hair colour experimentation—I haven't done much testing in the way of shampoos lately. I just figured, well, my hair is fine, straight, and needs to be shampooed near daily, no matter what products I use.

(I know daily shampooing is a no-no when it comes to preserving your colour, so what I do when my highlights are still relatively fresh is wash every other day, and rinse my hair with plain water on non-shampoo days.)

Anyway, what I happily discovered with this shampoo is that it does indeed give you "24 Hour Body" and that I can actually go an extra day without shampooing, or even rinsing. (So I guess, more accurately, it should be named 48 Hour Body.)

The volume was actually noticeable, and that's no small feat for hair like mine. I just looked up the press release, which says it contains "silk proteins that keep the hair from falling flat." And here I thought that was just marketing-speak.

Oh, and back to my original point—this stuff is dirt-cheap, and you get A LOT of it.

Priced at $6.49 for 900 mL. Available at drug stores, grocery stores and mass merchandisers across Canada.

*Note: TRESemmé was not the company presenting the "webinar."