Truer words were never spoken—or, why I don’t let just anyone do my hair

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“…as a beauty editor, if you allow all the people who want to cut/color/gloss/perm your hair to have their way with you, you’ll be completely bald in less than a month.”

Lucky beauty director Jean Godfrey-June

It’s true—beauty editors are always being offered freebie cuts and colour jobs, which admittedly is a pretty darn cool perk of the job, especially in a recession.

But Jean is right. Playing guinea pig is no fun, which is why—after years of being encouraged to “go for it! You’re in fashion!”—I now refuse to let anyone near my head with a pair of scissors or or a bottle of dye, unless I’m paying for it. When you haven’t properly vetted your hairstylist, the situation will inevitably result in too-short bangs, colour that’s too light or too dark, stripey highlights or fried ends. (And yes, I’ve had all five, thankyouverymuch.)

Better to spring for the cut or colour by the person you really want than start the vicious cycle of correcting the previous person’s work. So what I advise, for beauty editors and civilians alike, is to do your research. If you don’t have a regular stylist, find out who styles the people whose hair you admire. That’s how I found my colourist, actually—I asked a girl on the subway. (I couldn’t see her face, just her amazing blonde highlights. Turns out, she was my long-lost friend J.! A fortuitous day indeed.) My mom found the guy who cuts our hair by watching the makeovers on CityLine. Gee, is it any wonder I turned up in this profession?


Monday, June 21/2010 at 4:28 am

Do you mind me asking who colors your hair? I am looking for a good colorist to help me achieve a natural beachy look and have searched and searched and still have yet to find one. I’m thinking you might have my answer

thank you!


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Monday, June 21/2010 at 4:31 pm

Hi Katherine! I go to Joanna at Taz.

She is AMAZING – I cannot say enough good things about her. Not only is she super sweet and down to earth, she is also a colour genius. She will never over-highlight your hair (which was my biggest problem before I found her). She always picks out the same pieces to highlight, and then usually does an all-over base colour too, just to warm things up. It ends up looking sun-kissed and really natural…the re-growth is not bad at all.

(Other hairdressers usually pick up the highlights randomly, which is why they look good when you first start, but then you end up with a solid colour blonde 2 yrs later – horrible!)

If you go to her tell her I sent you!

Have also heard great things about Luis Pacheco at Hair on the Avenue – supposed to be great for blondes (although he’s never done my hair since I’m so loyal to Joanna now).


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