A Beauty Public Service Announcement for Kate Gosselin

Please lose the reverse mullet.
Michelle Villett
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Please lose the reverse mullet.

Good morning, reader! See this haircut? Wait—correction: see these TWO haircuts? Yeah. In front, there's a nice, normal bob with a sideswept bang. Not the most stylish look in the world, but perfectly suitable... until you catch a glimpse of whatever the F is going on in back. Did she let her kids do this with a pair of those craft scissors?

Please, dear reader. I know I sound like I'm preaching from my lofty beauty tower here, but please promise me you'll NEVER get this haircut. I mean, sure, the lady has eight kids—but she also has a big reality show (Jon and Kate Plus 8 on TLC, if you were wondering), so it can't be that hard to find a decent hairdresser....

Then again, Kate here doesn't think there's a problem with it, according to this quote (via Celebitchy, who have dubbed the style a "reverse mullet"):

Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality star Kate Gosselin bragged last week that her bizarre asymmetric long in front-spiky in the back hairstyle reflected her attitude and that “everyone wants it,” claiming her hairstylist “gets calls from across the country.”

Really, Kate? If that's true then my work here, spreading the beauty gospel, is needed WAY MORE than I thought.