Fergie’s Hair: Wrong on many levels

celebs fergie hair 0509 Fergies Hair: Wrong on many levels

Okay, Fergie. I was willing to overlook the unfortunate decision to venture over to the dark side. Most of us do it at some point—we get tired of the blonde and think dark chestnut locks will be sooo much more glamorous and flattering. It’s a phase, fine—I know you’ll grow out of it like I did.

But this? This I can’t forgive. Is this a braid or a remnant from your basket-weaving class? And is that duct tape I see instead of an elastic? For shame. Didn’t you listen to the advice I gave Tori? The stronger your features are, the softer your hairdo should be. It’s just a matter of self-acceptance, like how I can no longer wear hot pants, miniskirts and possibly even bathing suits.

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