Do you need a beauty vacation?

diary jackosbourne main 0609 Do you need a beauty vacation?

BEST. POST. EVER. From one of my fave sites, The Frisky:

If you put on your bikini, grab yourself a fruity cocktail, then head out to the sun…in your own backyard –you’re on a stay-cation. Touted on every channel as the “stay at home and relax” vacation, it makes you feel that your lack of funds for a resort getaway is in fact a really great thing. That got us thinking that the obvs next step in this easy-to-do vacation trend should be an “escape” from your normal beauty routine. Want the ‘70s porn-bush you’ve always dreamed of? Take a “Beauty Vacation!” Want to let your leg hair run amok to its heart content? Let it grow, mama, let it GROW! Note: A “Beauty Vacation” takes more effort than just sitting on the couch, or lounging hairily in the sun:You have to completely commit yourself to not obsessively grooming the way you normally would.

The quotes some former beauty “naturalists” are hilarious. Like this one:

“Bikini waxes don’t happen if I am not seeing someone. It does get pretty crazy down there. I once had a drought and didn’t groom the kitty for six months. I ended up waxing again even though there was no guy in sight, I was just grossed out.” —Alicia

And this—although Mom, hi! You might want to stop reading now.

“Back in high school, I spent a couple week in the summer backpacking through the desert with a group. Unfortunately, the trip overlapped with my period, which was totally gross. And I wound up just walking around for days, on the rag, with out being able to wash my cooter. When it was finally done, I decided I could no longer resist this dude who I had been flirting with. So, I totally let him put the moves on me…but I should never have let him go downtown. I can only imagine what he saw. But the look on his face, scared me. I don’t camp anymore.” —Suzanne

Happy Friday, ladies!


Friday, June 12/2009 at 10:07 pm

Horrified by the cooter story — but it must have been some amazing chemistry to have overridden her sense. (Yeeeech!)


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Saturday, June 13/2009 at 7:54 am

I just love the word cooter.


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