Beauty Blogger Janine Falcon Shares Her Beauty Secrets

A Beautygeek's top picks.
Michelle Villett
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A Beautygeek's top picks.

Confession: when it comes to beauty and fashion, I like to spy on other people. Doesn't everyone? You have to admit—it's way more interesting to get insider info on what a real person wears in her everyday life, versus the usual slickly packaged fluff piece. (That's why I wrote about street style a few years back, and LOVED reading about thisTeen Vogue editor.)

In the same spirit is this post at Vancouver-based blog The Style Spy on my gorgeous friend Janine, a fellow beauty editor, writer and blogger. (Doesn't her skin look AMAZING in this photo?? Obviously she practices what she preaches.) Check it out for the scoop on how she got started in the biz and her must-have beauty products.