Sun’s up: Clinique Self Sun Collection

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It’s that time of year again. (At least, it is if you live in Canada.) It’s time for us pale girls to bust out the self-tanner in hopes of camouflaging our pasty-white limbs.

And of course, you don’t need me to tell you that a faux tan is better than the real thing. Well—maybe you do. In my line of work, you get to speak to many, many dermatologists (I talked to two yesterday, in fact) and the single most-mentioned piece of advice? Avoid the freakin’ sun, people! You just can’t get around the fact that it’s gonna give you wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, brown spots and broken blood vessels. At the same time, I’m not gonna lie—a tan does look better, unless you’re genetically blessed like Nicole Kidman.

Enter Clinique’s new Body Airbrush Spray.

If you’re like me, you avoid self-tanning because you hate the whole rigmarole of donning the plastic gloves, then smoothing on the cream in a precise circular motions to avoid streaking, and then trying to somehow avoid getting bronze stains on everything. Ugh—too much work! This product is a better option: it’s a lightweight mist (you just spray on, and then blend where necessary), it dries in under five minutes, and the colour starts to develop in less than an hour.

cliniquealmostbronzer Suns up: Clinique Self Sun CollectionIt’s not meant to be used on your face, though—so for that I recommend Clinique’s Almost Bronzer (also new). It’s oil-free and long-lasting, plus it has broad-spectrum SPF 15 protection. And it’s ideal for popping in your purse, because the bottom section of the compact contains a naturally anti-bacterial pony-hair brush. It’s available in Light/Medium and Medium/Dark, each of which has two shades for a perfectly customizable glow.

Priced at $24 (for the Spray) and $34 (for the Bronzer). Available at Clinique counters across Canada and at

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