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Confession: ever since I started working in the beauty biz, I’ve thought about creating my own line of skincare products. So I have to admit that I’m a bit jealous of Jessica Burman from Kitchener, Ont., who in 2004 launched Cocoon Apothecary, a line of all-natural products formulated with certified-organic botanicals.

Sometimes it can be hit and miss with natural products, but I was thrilled that I actually LOVED the stuff Jessica sent me to try. When most of the stuff that crosses my desk is full of ingredients I can’t even pronounce, I appreciate that I can actually identify nearly every item on the very short ingredient lists on the labels.

Jessica recently switched to packaging everything in eco-friendly glass, not plastic bottles. And you can tell just by smelling the products that what’s inside are lots of good-for-your-skin essential oils. (I hate the chemical smell of faux lavender, for example, but this stuff is the real thing.)

Here’s what I tried:

cocoonapothecary touchyfeely Exclusive: 25% off at Cocoon Apothecary

The Touchy Feely Body Lotion ($20 for 240 mL) contains organic lavender and rosemary essential oils and is not only incredibly moisturizing but also relieves minor skin irritations from insect bites or sunburns.

cocoonapothecary petalpurity Exclusive: 25% off at Cocoon Apothecary

The Petal Purity Facial Cleanser ($16 for 100 mL) somehow manages to remove all traces of dirt, oil and makeup without stripping my skin. The secret? Organic almond and coconut essential oils, which bind to pollutants and gently remove them from your pores. But thanks to purifying geranium and lavender essences, it doesn’t make me break out.

cocoonapothecary roseycheeks Exclusive: 25% off at Cocoon Apothecary

The Rosey Cheeks Facial Cream ($40 for 100 mL) contains natural sources of vitamin A (retinol—read more about how much derms love it here), as well as organic rosehip, avocado and green tea oils. Besides hydrating and smoothing, it helps diminish scars and sun damage. Sign me up!

One more reason to love this line: BeautyEditor.ca readers can receive 25% off! Just visit the website at cocoonapothecary.com and use the word “BEAUTY” as your discount code. Happy shopping!


Thursday, July 23/2009 at 3:47 pm

So cool – I went to high school with Jessica and have also covered her line before…


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Thursday, July 23/2009 at 5:11 pm

Yes I saw your post about that! So cool she started her own biz… I kind of want her job!


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