How to apply liquid foundation

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Recently, I found a liquid foundation I’m in love with (yes, miracles do happen). But it got me thinking back to all the tips I’ve received over the years about the right way to apply it.

Some makeup artists swear by sponges, which you can buy at the drugstore. Me? Not so much. I think they waste too much product, and then you have to clean them, which can be a bit of a pain.

Others prefer the foundation brush, which is flat and made of synthetic fibres (not animal hair). I have a good one from Bobbi Brown, which I sometimes use. But despite the fact that it’s supposed to make blending easier (and theoretically using less product), I do find it gives me a heavier look. Plus there’s that whole clean-up factor afterwards.

So my application method of choice is simply my fingers. Start with clean ones, obviously, and then squirt a bit of the foundation on the back of your hand. NEVER apply it directly from the bottle as it will look way too heavy.

Then, dabbing a bit on your fingers at a time, apply—starting from the centre of your face and working outward. (This is VERY important so that you avoid the “mask” look at your jaw line.) The areas where foundation is most needed are around the nose, mouth, chin and forehead, so it just makes sense that you concentrate application there and then gently blend it out as you reach the outer areas of your face.

For best results, apply it in a gentle massaging motion. This will warm up the product and help it melt into your skin for the most natural look.

Et voila! Now all you need to do is set with powder, and of course, wash your hands.


Monday, July 20/2009 at 9:55 pm

It’s interesting that fingers work best for you, while some others prefer the foundation brush. I use my fingers for mousse foundation but haven’t tried with liquid foundation. Thanks for the tip :-)


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Monday, July 20/2009 at 10:23 pm

Yes I think brushes are a must when it comes to concealer and eyeshadow… but I don’t really love them for foundation. Keep in mind, though, that I’m not a huge liquid foundation person (I only recently discovered one I like: Physicians Formula Organic Wear).

I think the main thing is to blend from the centre of your face, out – no matter what tool you use! :-)


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