Feet treat: Clarins Foot Beauty Treatment Cream

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I ALWAYS forget to use foot cream. Usually, I’m sitting in the pedicure chair at the nail salon when I suddenly remember I haven’t touched it in weeks and have to apologize for the sorry state of my feet.

Clarins Foot Beauty Treatment Cream just might get me in the habit. I’ve been meaning to try it after reading SugarShock’s rave review, and thankfully, I fully concur. Unlike other ones I’ve tried, this isn’t greasy and absorbs fast—so there’s minimal slip-and-slide action when you put on your shoes after applying it.

It also has a faint gardener’s cream-type scent (I think it’s the thyme essential oil, which disinfects). Delish!

Priced at $37. Available at Clarins counters across Canada.

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Tuesday, July 28/2009 at 10:33 pm

Aww man. More homework for me… sheesh. Another must try now. *grin*


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