Park Avenue Peerage is My New Beauty Inspiration

Socialite style.
Michelle Villett
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Socialite style.

Here's a confession that might seem odd for someone who has spent the better half of her career working at fashion magazines: I don't really look at the fashion spreads. Why? Because I think they're (with a few exceptions) boring. It's not that I don't like fashion—I do. But I'd MUCH rather see how the models and/or celebs are working their red lips/liquid leggings/skyscraper heels/whatever on the street, in REAL LIFE. Way more helpful for my own personal beauty and wardrobe decisions, obviously.

Gossip weeklies excel at the street style thing, of course. (Thanks, paparazzi!) And I won't deny I love a cheeky look at US Weekly and People StyleWatch when I'm at the nail or hair salon. But it feels a bit forced, because celebs are mostly clueless about style—as evidenced by the fact that so many of them won't so much as visit the grocery store without consulting Rachel Zoe—and they also tend to play it a bit too safe (I'm looking at you, Jennifer Aniston). Although I get that—would YOU take a fashion risk if the paps were camped outside your front door?

Anyway, in search of new beauty (and style) inspiration, I've come across a more fruitful source: socialites.

One of my favourite photo-blogs is a little site called Park Avenue Peerage. Sure, these ladies are as rich, connected and well-groomed as their Hollywood cousins, if not more so. But they're not as plastic-looking, and their style is definitely more interesting.

Above, the gorgeous Amanda Hearst, who might just be my new beauty icon. And below, more of my favourite pics from the site:



Busted Image

Busted Image

Busted Image

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