Editor's Pick: H20+ Face Oasis Ultra Hydrator

A new take on their bestselling moisturizer.
Michelle Villett
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A new take on their bestselling moisturizer.

Until a few months ago, I hadn't darkened the door of an H20+ store since the mid-1990s. (Why? I'm not sure. Maybe I wrongly associated it with Northern Reflections and Cotton Ginny.) Anyway, when I met with H20+ founder Cindy Melk a few months ago, I learned that the company actually has a HUGE following, with locations all over the world (something that can't be said for its other '90s counterparts).

This year—which happens to be the brand's 20th anniversary—H20+ is coming out with the Face Oasis Ultra Hydrator ($50 for 50 mL). It's actually a new take on their best-selling cult product, the Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment, but the new one provides five times the moisture of the original. Which is actually quite something, because it's completely oil-free with a light gel texture. It also contains H20+'s signature marine extracts, which help firm and plump your skin.

At H20+ stores across Canada.