Out now: Sula Nail Polish

Sula Nail Polish

When I read about Sula’s Paint & Peel Polish over at SugarShock, I KNEW I had to try it. The concept is simple: safe, water-based nail polish that peels right off—no remover required. Yes, I’m having another “Why Didn’t I Think of This First?” beauty moment.

See, the folks at Sula are smart. Not a big surprise, actually, since the Toronto-based company is headed up by none other than perfumer Susanne Lang, whose eponymous mix-and-match scents I count amongst my favourites. (And who I hope, if she’s reading this, might consider launching a similarly-minded eco-friendly fragrance sometime soon, since Sula’s eau de parfums aren’t organic. Please, Susanne?)

But back to nail polish, and why Ms. Lang is SMART. I’ve been known to (A) be lazy, (B) have an obsession with toxic substances in my beauty products, and (C) neurotically pick at my nail polish until it flakes off, leaving unattractive chips. This stuff satisfies me on all three counts. On first brush, it smells strangely like the white glue kids across Canada are probably spreading over their art projects this week, but no matter. It dries REALLY quickly and to me, seemed much easier to work with than its mainstream nail polish cousins.

It’s also free of the “big three” nail polish chemicals—formadelhyde, toluene and phthalates. The fun part, of course, is the peeling. SO satisfying—and how great is it that you’re not taking off the upper layer of your nail in the process?

One caveat: it doesn’t last a long time, especially if you like to shampoo daily. (I applied it on a Saturday afternoon, and it was half-peeled off when I came out of the shower Sunday morning. I’m guessing the formula doesn’t agree with hot water or scrubbing action.) However, keep in mind that I tried it on bare nails, and it’s supposed to work better if you layer it on top of their base coat and under their top coat (just like normal polish).

Not crazy about the fall colour collection—it features mostly blues and greens, and I’m more of a classic pink girl—but I’m liking the look of Modern MauveCrimson Red and Perfect Pink (pictured).

$9 each at select boutiques across Canada (see here for list).


Michelle (Lipstick Rules)
Monday, September 14/2009 at 8:55 pm

cool! never heard of them but will check this out.


Tuesday, September 15/2009 at 1:19 am

Okay. I love this concept. I love the price. BUT. BUT. I think this is going to be a major problem for kids who wear this who like to pick and peel polish. And for the working woman because I think this is going to come right off (as you yourself said) with one touch of anything chemical. I would be so unhappy if I brought this to my manicure, had it painted on, paid $12, and the next day it peeled right off. I think it is a step in the right direction chemical compound wise. But the longevity situation turns me off. Nail varnish already chips and peels with the junk infused in it already. I can see this as being rubbery and so tempting to just pull at. And for toes, sandals might snag on them and then, voila, a peeled varnished nail gone! You’re gonna be doing more touching up then you want and then this “easy solution” turns into high-maintenance. I’d try it if it ended up on my desk for free—but—wouldn’t go and buy it and risk it on an event. I’d be worried it’d be gone by the time I was at the valet. Nice idea–needs to be tweaked. Well written as always Michelle. xoxooxo–One of 365


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Tuesday, September 15/2009 at 8:35 am

Good points – I guess I see this more as something I’d be able to put on quickly (since the drying time is super fast) and then dash out the door. More of a one-night polish, I suppose. It really didn’t get rubbery until I was in the shower, and I’m guessing it wouldn’t have done that if I’d applied top and bottom coats.

Also as someone whose polish chips within a day or two no matter what, I don’t mind that this isn’t long-lasting. It’s much gentler on my nails than having all those chemicals on them (which usually cause my nails to get really soft and peely).

I do agree, though, that this product won’t suit everyone!


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