The Best Floral Fragrances of Fall 2009

Super feminine.
Michelle Villett
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Super feminine.

Yesterday's post looked at the spicier side of scents this fall. But notes like vetiver, amber and patchouli certainly aren't for everyone. Perhaps you prefer your fragrances to be of the floral genre? If so, there are some GORGEOUS ones this year. Read on—and check in again tomorrow for our final chapter: fruity fragrances.

Very Hollywood Michael Kors

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What it is: White floral

Notes: black currant, mandarin, amber, gardenia

My take: This is a big, bold, glamorous scent. I don't think I'd wear it everyday—it's more of a special occasion fragrance—but as an MK scent fan (I love his liberal use of gardenia), I think this is a winner.

Luxe Perfume Spray, $375 for 30 mL; Eau de Parfum Spray, $56 for 30 mL / $78 for 50 mL / $105 for 100 mL; Limited-Edition Gem Solid Perfume Ring, $50. At Holt Renfrew and Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada.

Lola Marc Jacobs

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What it is: Warm floral

Notes: pear d’anjou, fuchsia peony, geranium, musk

My take: As I mentioned previously, the bottle is so pretty it really doesn't matter how good this smells. But the juice is good too: it's a slightly heavier, sweeter take on the ever-popular Daisy.

Eau de Parfum, $79 for 50 mL / $105 for 100 mL. At Holt Renfrew, Sephora and Murale stores (and in October, department and drug stores) across Canada.Forever Mariah Carey

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What it is: Modern floral

Notes: neroli, lotus blossom, green apple, tuberose, gardenia, white musk

My take: So... I don't actually hate this. You think it’s going to be the typical dime-a-dozen celebrity scent, but the musk and tuberose give it a little something special. It's fresh and clean, and perhaps more subtle than most white florals. I'm impressed!

Eau de Parfum Spray, $63 for 50 mL / $78 for 100 mL; Parfum, $220 for 15 mL. At department stores across Canada in October.Yves Rocher Tendre Jasmin

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What it is: Floral

Notes: jasmine, mandarin, citron, orange blossom, mimosa

My take: My word—this scent was created by haute parfumeur Jacques Cavallier, who has created many of the world's bestselling fragrances, including the delectable YSL elle! I've yet to test it, but it sounds promising, especially at this price point.

Eau de Parfum, $69 for 50 mL. At Yves Rocher Beauty Centres across Canada, or 1-800-361-2746.

Lise Watier Folies Neiges

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What it is: Floral green

Notes: orange, mandarin, white flowers

My take: Oh, Canada! Our very own Mitsou Gélinas is the muse for this scent. And no lie—I'd wear this. It's light and fresh, and it DOES sort of smell like snow. Amazing!

Eau de toilette spray, $55 for 50 mL / $75 for 100 mL. At select department stores and drugstores across Canada.