Editor’s pick: Colorescience Mineral Makeup

Do you wear mineral makeup? It’s been a huge craze in the beauty world over the past few years, but truth be told, what’s out there can be a bit of a minefield. The whole premise behind mineral makeup is that it’s better for your skin: free of drying and/or pore-clogging preservatives, alcohol, talc, dyes, emulsifiers, perfume and mineral oil. Sadly, as it became popular, a whole whack of mainstream brands jumped on the bandwagon—and in my opinion, their versions aren’t of the same quality.

BareMinerals 300x292 Editors pick: Colorescience Mineral Makeup

Of course, you might not notice this if you don’t have sensitive or problem skin, or don’t require high-coverage formulas. But since my skin is as sensitive as it gets, AND I’m an admitted natural products fiend, I’ve been on the hunt for while now for a mineral makeup brand to call my own. (And yes, I’ve tried the ever-popular bareMinerals, but I’m a bit on the fence about it, despite how much Jolie Nadine raves about the line. As Beautygeeks‘ Janine points out, it tends to make pores look larger and can leave a weird sheen on the skin. I also feel like I’m wearing a TON of makeup by the time I finish with all that buffing action.)

Happily, Toronto-based makeup artist Charlotte Johnstone introduced me to mineral makeup line Colorescience about a month or so ago—and I’ve been using it ever since!

colorescience foundation brush Editors pick: Colorescience Mineral Makeup

I want to call this a best-kept secret, because I’d never heard of the line before, but it’s actually been featured in Glamour, InStyle, Allure and many other mags. And trust me: for a tiny, independently-owned company, that’s a GREAT sign that the products are awesome. (As a beauty editor, there’s a lot of pressure to feature mostly advertisers’ products—so wherever I could, I’d try to sneak in my favourite indie brands. So that’s a tip for next time you’re browsing a magazine!)

Anyway, there are several reasons I think Colorescience is great:

  • It’s made up of the highest-quality minerals, along with high-tech, good-for-your-skin ingredients like peptides, salicylic acid and hyaluronic acid.
  • It’s free of all the aforementioned “baddies”: talc, mineral oil, dyes, emulsifiers, alcohol, preservatives and perfume.
  • It’s naturally UVA- and UVB-resistant. So there’s no need for the extra step of sunscreen.

Here, a few of the items currently on heavy rotation in my makeup routine:

Colorescience Corrector Kit Editors pick: Colorescience Mineral Makeup

Colorescience Corrector Kit: I never thought I could use a mineral-based concealer until I tried this handy kit. I’m in love! The coverage is amazing—it works on dark circles and even blemishes—and the five shades enable you to custom-blend for the perfect hue. The darker ones can also double as bronzer or eyeshadow, and you can use the lightest shade as a highlighter! It even works as an all-over foundation.

colorescience suncanny Editors pick: Colorescience Mineral Makeup

Colorescience Suncanny Foundation Brush – SPF 20: I always thought it was unrealistic for derms to scream about applying sunscreen on our faces not just in the mornings but also before our lunch hours and going home at night. That just ruins your makeup! So this product is so, so clever. It’s a powder foundation that also doubles as a sunscreen, AND it’s in a handy, go-anywhere brush. So now there’s no excuse not to be sun-protected.

colorescience be still hydrating mist Editors pick: Colorescience Mineral Makeup

Colorescience Aromatherapy Gem Spritzers: Mineral makeup looks best when, after applying it, you lightly spritz your face with an atomiser to set the powder. These ones are infused with pharmaceutical-grade aromatherapy oils for extra skin-soothing benefits.

colorescience lip polish Editors pick: Colorescience Mineral Makeup

Colorescience Lip Polish: Who knew lip products came in mineral versions too? This little wand has a fresh peppermint scent and gives long-lasting colour while it hydrates your lips. And while it’s not labelled as an SPF product, it also contains the natural sunscreens zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, making it a great choice for summer.

Available at worldSALON, 132 Adelaide St. E., Toronto, (416) 594-1402 and select medical spas and salons across Canada. For more locations visit colorescience.com.


Friday, October 2/2009 at 9:36 am

Ya got my mineral attention with this — am considering. I do confess to liking Smashbox Halo, I must say, though. When my skin is in decent shape, a light application makes it look UHmazing.


Friday, October 2/2009 at 9:37 am

Also, pretty banner logo!


Friday, October 2/2009 at 9:37 am

Or is that logo banner?


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Friday, October 2/2009 at 9:42 am

Thanks! Not sure what to call it – I think I named the file “header” so there you go!

Re: the makeup – yes interested to hear what you think of this. Although should have noted, it’s different from the whole bareMinerals buffing routine, which people now associate with ALL mineral makeup lines. What I do is apply the corrector kit to get coverage only where I need it, and THEN do the all-over powder just for removing shine and the SPF. So kinda different.

Have not tried Halo but think (?) it may be in my products stash… somewhere…


Friday, October 2/2009 at 11:03 pm

If you do try the Halo, you don’t need any of those buffing moves — it melts over the skin as you apply. Good for dry skin, but I find my oily skin is pretty okay with it too.


Tuesday, October 13/2009 at 10:38 am

Absolutely love mineral makeup!! I used to be a big Bare Minerals fan, used it for awhile until I found Lauren Hutton’s Aqua Elements. The Bare Minerals was leaving my face shiny, and not giving me the coverage I needed. With the Aqua Elements, I can’t complain. The coverage is great, and the makeup is very natural looking to the point you can barely tell that I have it on!

It’s a great product, it comes in different shades so you can choose which one best suits your skin tone, and it lasts all day! If you’re interested in taking a look at it, you can check it out here http://www.laurenhutton.com/aqua-elements.html

Hope this is helpful!


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Tuesday, October 13/2009 at 12:51 pm

Thanks Jackie! Funny you mention the LH line as I was JUST reading about it in a magazine this weekend (can’t remember which one).
And yippee, they ship to Canada! Adding this to my list of brands to investigate…


Colorscience Makeup
Wednesday, June 23/2010 at 11:01 am

I love mineral makeup!! I use Bare Mineral and colorscience makeup products, They doa great job on mys face, they do not leave it shiny, and provide an even courage.Same apples to the colorscience makeup sunforgettable which is the best sunscreen out there. My opinion!!


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