Cat or smoky? 2 new eye makeup kits

cat eye makeup

When it comes to evening eye makeup, it’s usually a toss-up for me between cat, above, and smoky:

smokyeye Cat or smoky? 2 new eye makeup kits

Truth be told, I usually prefer the cat eye, but it’s a look I can only pull off when I’m feeling particularly steady-handed (read: zero alcohol consumption before applying makeup). Of course, it’s reassuring that I can always do smoky if I mess things up—I just correct everything with lots of smudging, et voilà! Smoky eyes.

At least I think so. It often occurs to me that I could probably improve my technique, which is why I’m excited about two new kits that have just hit stores:

lisewatier cateyekit Cat or smoky? 2 new eye makeup kits

Lise Watier’s Limited Edition Cat Eye Kit ($39) contains:

  • a slightly frosted beige eyeshadow for sweeping over the entire lid
  • a black kohl pencil for lining your upper lash line
  • a deep black eyeshadow to set the liner
  • Mini Métamorfix, a liquid that transforms any powder eyeshadow into long-wearing eyeliner
  • an eyeshadow brush and the must-have angled eyeliner brush

pupa smokyeyeskit Cat or smoky? 2 new eye makeup kits

Pupa’s Smoky Eyes Kit ($29) contains:

  • a four-shade eyeshadow palette with brush
  • smudge-proof eyeliner
  • available in two shades: brown (for a softer look) or black (for a dramatic effect)

Both kits include step-by-step instructions. How clever is that?

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