First look: Prada Spring ’10

Prada Milan Fashion Week Spring 2010 beauty, red lip gloss

Another day, another bold lip—this time at Prada. What do you think of this one, which is glossy and red—as opposed to matte and fuchsia? Would you wear it? Are you bored yet? Were you reading this blog a minute ago but not anymore?

You know I love the whole contrast aspect of the way designers are playing this lip thing (i.e. with the otherwise bare face). It’s like the beauty equivalent of the fashion hi-low: the Chanel with the H&M, the Miu Miu with the Zara… except in beauty, NOBODY CAN TELL which brand you’re wearing. (Unless, of course, you pull your lip gloss out of your handbag for a touch-up.)

revolutionorganics freedomgloss First look: Prada Spring 10So in the spirit of the hi-low, here are two options for getting these lips. (Unfortunately, I can’t help you on the pigtails or—ugh—yet another example of bleached-out brows. I can, however, offer up a good deep conditioning masque, which this gal looks like she needs: Ojon’s Restorative Hair Treatment would work wonders on this mop top.) lorealparis infalliblelipgloss First look: Prada Spring 10Back to the lips: Revolution Organics makes a beauty of a gloss called Freedom Gloss, and my favourite shade, Freedom, would give you a toned-down version of this look. For the more budget-minded, there’s L’Oréal Paris Infallible Never Fail Plumping Lip Gloss, which is actually even more pigmented—quite a feat at the $13.95 price point.


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