How-to: Not be afraid of bright makeup (part 2)

Today’s makeup demo, while ostensibly all about brights, does not look bright AT ALL. See, I really meant it when I said this wouldn’t be scary!

In case you missed Part One last week, I’m doing a little series here—with photos!—to show you some real-life examples of how to wear bright makeup, courtesy of The Body Shop makeup artist Chase Aston, who I met with the other week.

Because really… who ya gonna trust? The (likely alien) catwalk models who are going to look good in ANY lip or eye colour? Or the (only slightly alien-esque) Toronto models who Chase demonstrated on in front of my own eyes? Don’t get me wrong, these girls are gorgeous too, but it would be harder to pull off this kind of craziness in real life.

So. That’s settled then. Now I’m going to show you today’s look. The premise with this one is taking the makeup you wore to the office—a basic smokey eye—and then dialing it up for an evening party. (And okay, yes, I realize not all of you work in an office where it’s cool to rock the smokey eye at 9am. Hell, I work in that kind of office too. Here, we don’t even wear makeup. Ha! I work from home, that’s why.)

Anyway, here’s the before, which already looks amazing, no?

bodyshop look3before How to: Not be afraid of bright makeup (part 2)

And now, the after:

bodyshop look3after How to: Not be afraid of bright makeup (part 2)

Hmmm… that didn’t show up as well in the photo as it did in real life, dammit! I hope you can detect that something DID INDEED HAPPEN in the eye area. (If not, you’re just going to have to trust me on these instructions.) Here’s what to do:

bodyshop vibrantemerald How to: Not be afraid of bright makeup (part 2)bodyshop liquidliner How to: Not be afraid of bright makeup (part 2)EYES: This is where the main action took place. Sweep the lilac shade from the Eye Trio in Moonlight Lustre across the lid, and then line the eyes (top and bottom) with some black Liquid Eyeliner. To get the “wow” factor, go over the line with metallic green pencil (the shade is called Vibrant Emerald) and smudge it a bit. (The hard line isn’t really on trend right now.)

CHEEKS: Add some colour with the Blush Trio in Cool Dusk. (Chase, I think, even swirled it on here like a bronzer, to warm up the whole face. But PROCEED WITH CAUTION, yo.)

bodyshop latteswirl How to: Not be afraid of bright makeup (part 2)LIPS: This gal’s got on a lovely nude lip in Latte Swirl.

I’ve got one more set of pics to post, but since they’re more glowy nudes and plummy lips—not brights—I’m not saying they’re part of this series. Just that they’re awesome, and that you should definitely tune back in tomorrow for the lowdown.


Michelle (Lipstick Rules)
Tuesday, October 13/2009 at 9:24 pm

Loving this series — and I can see the difference!

I have a couple of products from this Fall collection — I’m particularly addicted to the lipsticks.


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Wednesday, October 14/2009 at 9:23 am

Thanks Michelle!
And yes – The Body Shop has great quality colours, especially for the price.


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