First look: Miu Miu Spring ’10

I used to work with a fashion editor—let’s just call her L. Hi, L!—whose wardrobe included all the major trends literally YEARS before they happened. Skinny jeans? She was already over them by the time I was in them. Those little jazz shoe things that are only now making their way into the shops? She was wearing them in 2006. L lives in Paris now, but I can only imagine what she’s wearing these days. Clearly, it will be hitting a mall near you circa 2015.

Anyway! I do have a point, and I’m getting to it now. It’s that it must be particularly gratifying when you’ve been on top of a trend well before it happens. Because I’m slightly style-challenged—not terribly, but I’m no trendsetter—my focus is just on beauty, as you know. And thrillingly (well, sort of) I’ve just picked up on a trend that I’ve been doing for AGES: the side-braid! Hurrah!

Here it is (above) at Miu Miu. If you recall, we also saw the side-braid in a messier, somewhat less attractive version, at Alexander Wang in New York a few weeks back. This one here is much nicer, don’t you think? Of course, it’s also achieved with loads of fake hair.

But no need to worry about that—just do this with your REAL hair. Because I prefer air-drying, I usually do this when my hair’s damp, but the problem with that is you get a serious case of flat-head. So—blow-dry first with a bit of volumizer at the roots and sea spray through the rest of the hair, and THEN braid. You’ll have a bit more body and it will look deliberate (not lazy). Control the frizzes with some serum to finish.

Nice makeup helps too. How much do you love the faux lashes on the BOTTOM? So pretty. (For the best falsies, check out the Shu Uemura lash bar at Holt Renfrew in Toronto and Vancouver.)

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