Born-again hair colour virgins

To kick off the weekend, here’s a little beauty inspiration: a 70s-era Lauren Hutton. Even though most beauty and fashion folk are all a-Twitter about Mad Men these days, I’m not about to do the Betty Draper thing when I’ve got to bundle myself up with scarves, sweaters and boots. (Welcome to Canada, eh? We’ve got a VERY narrow window for fall fashion.) But Lauren’s sun-kissed natural look (well, maybe not THAT sun-kissed… we do live in igloos here) works a treat when you have to don your woollens.

One thing I’ll suggest you do, if you decide to go with the easy breezy no-makeup look, is to fill in your brows. (In case you missed it, here are some inspirational shots from Chloé’s spring show… and my current must-have brow pencil.) And I might just wear it with a side-braid, inspired by Miu Miu.

Now, if I may—could you cast your gaze back up on Lauren’s hair colour? It’s natural. Do you love it? I do.

After years of dyeing, I’m trying to start a movement – the Born Again (Hair Colour) Virgins Club. After looking at dozens of models’ hair this past month for the various fashion weeks, it really hit home that next to none of them colour their locks. I don’t know, it just seems softer and more MODERN to go with your natural shade. (Well, maybe with a few well-placed tone-on-tone highlights.) And trust me—I’m saying this as an ex-blonde, ex-redhead and ex-brunette (my hair’s currently “bronde,” that in between brown/blonde shade). I’ve tried almost all the colours in the rainbow and Mother Nature really knows best.

What do you think about becoming a Born Again Hair Colour Virgin?


Monday, October 19/2009 at 2:34 pm

i’m in the born-again club, too!

or, trying to be, at least. it’s hard to let go of the bottle.


Monday, October 19/2009 at 2:43 pm

Oy. Now you’ve got me turned off of going blonde. My hair is buttery soft right now…probably not worth giving up. Even Babaii won’t save me if I befriend bleach!


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Monday, October 19/2009 at 2:53 pm

Nora – I know it’s hard! My compromise is highlights because I need that bit of damage to get some body in my sad anemic fine hair.

Katherine – I don’t think going blonde necessarily means damage. Unless you go solid colour, that is. But please don’t – I’ve been there and the regrowth is HORRIFIC.

Can I again suggest Joanna at Taz? I know there are lots of people in this town known for blonde, but she is the ONLY ONE I’ve been to that doesn’t over-blonde you over time – she always, always mixes in low lights.

Probably what she’ll do is warm up your base with an all-over colour then do highlights on top, which is the most natural way to go. You could do a strawberryish blonde instead of the full Betty Draper!


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