First look: Giorgio Armani Spring ’10

If you hang around the beauty biz long enough, you start to recognize a fair bit of recycling of trends—especially in makeup. For example, I’m sure you recognize the perennial Return of the Red Lip story, which happens every year. Or that Matte Lipstick is Back (it never really catches on). And of course, The New Smoky Eye, which is what we see here.

New, it’s most definitely not—I’ve been seeing a version of this for years now—but I still think it’s pretty. Don’t you? The gist of it is that it’s all shimmery and light, as opposed to the typical heaviness (perfect example here) that we generally associate with smoky eyes.

armani shadow First look: Giorgio Armani Spring 10Here’s what I think went down backstage:

  1. Dark circles got the boot with a generous application of concealer at the inner corners of the eyes. (More details here.)
  2. They swept a neutral beige all over the lids.
  3. On top of that, they layered a grey-brown (funnily enough, Giorgio Armani makes a FAB one) mostly at the outer corners, but also a teensy bit right under the inner part of the brows.
  4. cargoeyelighter First look: Giorgio Armani Spring 10Lots and lots of white shadow dusted in the inner corners of the eyes and blended underneath. Cargo makes a great little dual-ended white shadow pencil that you could use here (one side is matte, the other, shimmery).
  5. Black liner applied ONLY at the outer edges of the eyes, and applied in the waterline (my favourite eyeliner effect.)
  6. Mascara and icy pink lip gloss, but ixnay to the lushbay (meaning, NO BLUSH).

The effect is sort of ethereal, no? I always, always love when people wear eye makeup like this. It’s a bit of work, yes, but it truly goes anywhere—day or night—without ever looking overdone.

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