Cult favourite Decléor goes paraben-free

Decleor facial

See this lady here? She’s having a Decléor facial—and if you’ve never had one, I strongly suggest you start dropping Christmas pressy hints to your significant other, STAT. (You can actually get them at select Bay locations across Canada.) The whole line is based on aromatherapy, using pure essential oils, and it’s HEAVEN.

decleor aromessence neroli neroli oil Cult favourite Decléor goes paraben freeIt was actually my friend C., a beauty editor at Flare, who first introduced me to Decléor.

The scene: the bathroom of a Sheraton hotel room in New York City, where three of us were triple-bunking post-press trip to take advantage of some stateside shopping. (Ever been to Woodbury Commons, home of the only Chanel outlet in North America, as well as discount YSL, Gucci, Miu Miu and Prada? Retail nirvana.)

Anyway, C. brought this tiny bottle of Decléor Aromessence Néroli essential oil with her, and it had an almost miraculous effect on post-airplane (and post-vodka-soda) dehydration. Intrigued, I did some digging and people SWEAR by this stuff. (Check out the reviews on Makeup Alley—one of my favourite sites for scoping out cult products.)

Besides a selection of pure essential oils—there are ones for acne, mature skin and pigmentation issues, for example—the line includes a huge range of skincare for both face and body. And now I’ll finally get to the point of this post, in case you were wondering… In September, the company started formulating some of them without parabens. The goal is to eventually remove them wherever possible (without compromising quality, of course), but for now, the entire Hydra Floral collection (which is for all skin types) is paraben-free. Besides the Aromessence Néroli ($70 for 15 mL), the Hydra Floral line includes:

decleor hydra floral 50ml face moisturising emulsion for all Cult favourite Decléor goes paraben free

  • “Flower Nectar” Moisturizing Cream ($54 for 40 mL / $69 for 50 mL)
  • “Fresh Flower” Moisturizing Emulsion ($69 for 50 mL)
  • “Flower Dew” Moisturizing Gel-Cream for Eyes ($47 for 15 mL)
  • “Flower Essence” Moisturizing Mask ($48 for 50 mL)
  • “Flower Petals” Eye and Lip Moisturizing Mask ($51 for 30 mL)

At The Bay, Ogilvy, Sephora and select spas and institutes across Canada.

PS – Although I don’t own the corresponding essential oil, I’ve been using Decléor‘s Ylang Ylang Purifying Night Balm with good results for the past few weeks. It seems to calm down the hormonal war zone around my chin area without drying it out, and if you’re at all a fan of ylang ylang oil… you will die when you smell it.

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