Introducing Heiko… and a giveaway


Holy hairdryers! There’s been A LOT of contest love on lately, and now I’m going to tell you about one more.

But first—let me introduce you to Heiko. Heiko is a new, 100 percent natural (and 100 percent Canadian!) line that I’ve been meaning to post about for a while now. I get asked A LOT about which organic or natural lines I recommend for facial skincare, and honestly? Until recently, there haven’t been that many options.

Now I haven’t, as of yet, had a chance to try Heiko’s wares, but I think it sounds like a great choice for anyone with sensitized skin (which, in Canada, is a lot of people—especially as we head into the good-skin-obliterating winter months). Formulated by a Quebec homeopathic biochemist using the principles of homeopathy, the raison d’être of this line is that it’s extremely GENTLE and doesn’t burden the skin with unnecessary ingredients. So you won’t find parabens, perfumes, preservatives or mineral oil here. All the products are made to suit any skin type and formulated with soothing essential oils.

heiko suncare Introducing Heiko… and a giveawayI’m particularly excited about their sun protection offerings because they’re entirely chemical-free! (Read here if you missed my rant on that issue.) In fact, they were the first natural sunscreens to be approved by Health Canada. Instead of harmful chemicals, the products use zinc oxide to block out damaging rays.

Now back to that contest I mentioned. From now until November 30th, Heiko is giving away 10 gift baskets consisting of the Heiko Cleansing Lotion, Exfoliant, Moisturizer & Lip Therapy with a value of  $122.00.

For full contest info and to enter visit

Heiko products are available across Canada at Pharma Plus, Loblaws and select Health Food Stores.

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