Editor's Pick: Ojon Restorative Leave-In Treatment

Natural, lightweight de-frizzing.
Michelle Villett
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Natural, lightweight de-frizzing.

I rarely cut my hair—like a couple times a year rare. As much as hairdressers warn us that we NEED to come back every six weeks or risk Bad Hair Forever, I rely on the state of my ends to tell me when I'm due for a trim, and it seems they only really get unbearable at the six-month point.

Except I've just screwed up that system, because I've been using this new product: Ojon Restorative Leave-In Treatment.

It's a creamy gel that you work through your hair while it's damp, and it really does work to kill frizz and dryness. As a straight-haired person, I've always been afraid of such products—even when I apply them just to my ends—because there have been one too many times in my past when my attempts at de-frizzing have instead given me limp, greasy strands.

None of that here—despite the fact that it includes a whack of oils and essential fatty acids to repair and protect the hair.

Another cool bit: it comes in four versions (Blonde, Brown, Red and Clear), each formulated with subtle mica crystals and pigments to enhance your shade. And I can't resist adding that these are free of silicones, sulfates, parabens and artificial colour.

Priced at $31 each and available at Sephora and The Shopping Channel.