Blast from the past: The Body Shop Originals Collection

The Body Shop Originals Collection

Talk about exciting: I was just musing about how much I missed the OLD Body Shop—earnest marketing campaigns, tacky packaging and all—when I hear that the brand is reintroducing some of its bestselling products from the 1980s.

Remember these?

  • Fuzzy Peach Bath & Shower Gel
  • Dewberry Bath & Shower Gel
  • Banana Shampoo
  • Banana Conditioner
  • Dewberry Body Lotion
  • Green Apple Bath & Shower Gel
  • Cucumber Freshening Water
  • Passion Fruit Facial Cleansing Gel
  • Cucumber Cleansing Milk
  • Ice Blue Shampoo
  • Carrot Moisture Cream

They’re all back now, for a limited time and at a special 1980s price ($8.99)… so stock up! For a chance to win a year’s supply, vote for your favourites here. (You can also share memories of using the products and read what other people had to say too.)

Still feeling nostalgic? Check out this cute video from The Body Shop UK. Now if only they’d bring back those retro-fabulous green labels…

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