Out now: Matrix Biolage Colorcarethérapie Delicate Care

Matrix Biolage Colorcarethérapie Delicate Care

matrix biolage colorcaretherapie shampoo Out now: Matrix Biolage Colorcarethérapie Delicate CareYears ago, I was working at a magazine where my then-editor scoffed at my idea of covering natural and organic beauty (at the time, the category was in its infancy, at least in Canada). Fast forward almost five years, and it’s so mainstream that even the most unexpected beauty brands are jumping on the au naturel bandwagon. I love it when I’m right about things!

The latest example is the Biolage Colorcarethérapie Delicate Care from Matrix. I’ve always associated Biolage with high-end hair salons (perhaps because it was my very first “expensive” shampoo, back when I was 17 and at the beginning of a life-long highlighting addiction). So when I heard they were coming out with a line of sulfate- and paraben-free products, made with organic and fair-trade ingredients, I did a double take. And then dashed off an email to Matrix’s PR gal to see if I could try it.

Unlike many sulfate-free products, the Delicate Care Shampoo ($15) smells, feels and lathers up just like a “normal” shampoo. (And that’s a good thing—check out this post on the “trick” to making MOST sulfate-free shampoos work for you.) It, along with the Delicate Care Conditioner ($22.50) comes infused with mega-conditioning argan oil and antioxidant-rich acai berry, which helps protect colour from fading. After using this duo, my hair felt super-silky and soft—I’d guess the results would be even more impressive on coarse or curly hair (mine is fine and stick-straight).

matrix biolage colorcaretherapie oil Out now: Matrix Biolage Colorcarethérapie Delicate CareThe line also includes the Delicate Care Masque ($24.50), which repairs and restores moisture to damaged hair. And finally, there’s the Delicate Care Organic Certified Oil ($19.95), which is certified by Ecocert and helps smooth and protect the hair cuticle. But CAUTION: one or two drops are all you need. I overdid it with this one and it didn’t absorb as well as I’d hoped it would and left the ends of my hair looking quite limp and greasy. To be on the safe side, I’d only recommend it for curly-haired girls who can handle the extra oil.

The bottom line: this is a good choice for coloured or damaged hair, especially coarse, thick, curly hair in need of added moisture… especially as we head into the colder months. It’s nice to finally have a natural alternative amongst the salon brands.

Available exclusively in salons; call 1-888-422-6879 for locations.


matrix colorcaretherapie shampoo
Friday, November 20/2009 at 4:31 pm

Oh man. I love Biolage so much. Thanks for the review! I might have to try another of their products now.


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Thursday, November 26/2009 at 10:59 am

You’re welcome! If you try this line, come back and let us know what you thought!


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