What are your weird beauty habits?

ooops What are your weird beauty habits?Got any strange beauty habits? I sure do—despite having interviewed dozens of experts over the years who’ve told me the “right” way to do things. Sometimes the little quirks just work, you know?

So now it’s confession time:

  • Some people manage to work out mascara clumps with the mascara wand itself. Others use an eyelash comb. Me? This isn’t something I’m proud of, but… I lick my right ring finger and sort of wiggle it through the lashes. It’s gross, but it’s fast, and it works. I’m too lazy and unskilled to use actual tools.
  • Possibly part of the reason my mascara gets clumpy is because I’m guilty of keeping it well past the three-month mark. Er… oops?
  • I find plucking stray hairs… on my legs, armpits, eyebrows, anywhere… oddly satisfying. It’s almost relaxing! Bonus points for ingrowns.
  • One time, Tweezerman sent over its professional pedicure line, and ever since then, I’ve enjoyed the little foot callus shaving tool a little TOO much. It’s like a weapon. Let me just say there have been crime scenes in my bathroom.
  • I’m not, as you may have gathered, terribly creative with my OWN makeup… but I DO have this strange habit of layering things. Like I won’t just use a powder blush—I’ll put it on and then dab a cheek stain on top. Or I’ll line my eyes with not just a liquid liner, but also an eyeliner pencil, cream liner AND shadow. We’re talking the same line here. It’s either overkill or genius—I can’t decide which.
  • I’ve never met a magnifying mirror I could step away from. Examining my pores (and their imperfections) is endlessly fascinating. And I won’t deny performing the occasional surgery on emerging blemishes. I know you’re not supposed to… but you can’t just LEAVE it there!

So I’ve spilled… now it’s your turn. What are your bizarro beauty habits?


Michelle (Lipstick Rules)
Wednesday, November 18/2009 at 9:18 pm

Great post!

Hmmm…I keep things way past their expiry date….I keep buying the same types of lip colours over and over again — same goes with taupe and brown shadows…

I could go on but will spare you ;-)


Thursday, November 19/2009 at 9:15 pm

You’re dead on about plucking stray ingrown hairs! I totally get the satisfying feeling too!


Friday, November 20/2009 at 1:40 pm

The whole zit-picking thing is so true. Everyone says to leave it, but seriously, why the hell would you walk around with a huge whitehead all day? No one does it!


Friday, February 19/2010 at 2:01 am

“I DO have this strange habit of layering things.” – I get you girl! I do exactly the same thing.

i’ll use cream blush and top it off with powder blush.

I’ll use colored eyeliner in pencil and then add a thin line in liquid black! all on the same line in the same eye. I think it is pure genius :D… lol

Besides I too keep stuff way past the expiry date. I throw it away only when it seems to spoil.


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