Product review: Benefit “Hello Flawless!” Custom Powder Cover-Up


It’s so hard to keep up with Benefit these days: I tell you, it feels like something amazing from them arrives on my desk practically every week. The latest is “Hello Flawless!”, a light but industrial-strength powder that works as a spot cover-up, all-over foundation or sheer finishing powder.

This is one of those all-purpose multitasking products that would make a great addition to your purse, especially if you’re planning on any office-to-party scenarios in the lead-up to Christmas and New Year’s.

I applied it with a sponge (it’s included) and it worked like a dream on erasing my usual blotchiness. The sponge also works well if you pat it directly on individual blemishes—just dust off the excess with a brush (yippee! that’s also included). It works as an all-over shine-busting powder, too, if you apply it with a brush (consider swapping out the flat one with a big, fluffy, oversized one). Since the product’s texture is so sheer, you just build in layers to get the coverage level you want.

Priced at $44 each and available at Sephora, Murale and select Holt Renfrew and Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques. Available in three shades.


Monday, December 14/2009 at 4:24 pm

I’ve been waiting for this product to come out in Canada for MONTHS!!! Are you telling me I can now get it?!? Woo hoo!!!


Comment Avatar Michelle Villett
Monday, December 14/2009 at 4:27 pm

Yes! let me know how you like it!


huw thomas
Tuesday, August 6/2013 at 12:16 am

LOVE IT! Got it last week, used 3 times (its perfect for a natural look and, with care, doesn’t fill in your old bag lines – men’s powder!) I then dropped it and stood on it. Another great day (I also watched a horror film later on and was trying to find something useful to do on the ipadisshit and a big scary scene happened and i threw the ishit in the air and the screen shattered in 4 places. I only do bejewlled and fit brain and check no-one has looked at my fabulous facebook entries so a broken screen matters not one jot. I found the worst app ever – receipt organiser. Oh death creeeps ever closer.) Benefit is fab but i must also recommend Dior powder – I have an exciting clash of the powders every morning and then curl up on the floor looking forward to the peace of the grave. Only joking, I just look in the mirror and have a lively conversation about my life. I’m going to comment on a foundation post now – oh I have such interesting opinions to try and trim down. As the only man posting, it may not be interesting to anyone else. Can you post pictures by the way – I’m sure everyone would like a laugh at my “natural” face – I looked like charming greedy arrogant Nicole Scerzinger in 30 years time having being a crack addict for 28 of those years having to steal cheap make up and sell her hair and other things to pipe up. But her make up now is super duper


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