Top 10 beauty trends of the ’00s

Can it really be the last day of 2009—and the entire decade? Yikes! Let’s take a look back at the beauty trends that defined us…

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From left to right:

  1. Long, straight hair: In the early ’00s, it was all about uber-long and stick-straight locks. Key tools: a ceramic flat iron and hair extensions.
  2. The Brazilian bikini wax: Grooming down below went to whole new levels, with bikini waxes going mainstream and women opting for “the landing strip” or even going totally bare.
  3. Fake tans: Blame it on J. Lo. We had a love affair with self-tanners in the early part of the decade and saw the rise of salon spray-tan services too.
  4. The bob / lob: Around 2006, celebs went for the chop. First, it was Rihanna, then Victoria Beckham. Gwyneth Paltrow went for the “lob,” a longer, shoulder-grazing bob.
  5. Luscious lips: Goodbye, lipstick. Shiny lip gloss was (and is) all the rage, and the trend for plumped-up lips (a la Jessica Simpson) continues to drive sales of plumping glosses AND cosmetic injections.
  6. Organic beauty: No longer for hippies, organic products hit the mainstream at all price points (Stella McCartney’s Care was one of the first luxury organic lines). Mineral makeup became popular too.
  7. Crazy nail colours: Hard Candy was the first to shake up nail polish hues in the ’90s, but the trend didn’t let up, with Chanel’s Black Satin, Blue Satin and now Jade driving the frenzy.
  8. Gleaming skin: The last half of the ’00s saw makeup companies focusing on perfecting our complexions like never before. Illuminators and shimmer products became must-haves.
  9. Long lashes: Long a staple on the red carpet, long lashes became attainable for all of us, with new technological advancements in mascaras, lash extension services and an array of falsies.
  10. Non-invasive cosmetic procedures: A huge boon for dermatologists, this decade saw Botox and cosmetic fillers surge in popularity.

What were your favourite trends of the ’00s? Did I leave any off the list?


Thursday, December 31/2009 at 4:40 pm

I have to inform you the decade is not over. The decade will end at midnight on Dec. 31, 2010. We still have another year to go. :)


Friday, January 1/2010 at 8:04 pm

Michelle! Girl, may you continue to put all beauty blogs to shame with your kick ass insider scoops and gorgeous images. Happy 2010! I hope you get a million hits a day and that all of Canada will be clicking on your site and decides to give you your own magazine. I hope you become the next Anna Wintour of the fine Maple Leaf! I’m glad to have met you and am pleased that we will continue to stay in touch. From one lip gloss maven to another……….may we one day strike it rich and not have to pay our bills selling La Mer out of the back of a truck in an alleyway ;) Lotsa love to you…………xoxoxoxoxo


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