Could Your Skin Look Better Without Botox?

It's a fine line.
Michelle Villett
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It's a fine line.

As we saw in last week's Top 10 Beauty Trends of the '00s, Botox has become ubiquitous. But there's also a bit of a backlash brewing, with stars like Rachel Weisz and Kate Winslet speaking out against it. (Weisz thinks it should be banned for actors, likening it to steroids for athletes.) And of course, we're all aware of the cautionary tale that is Nicole Kidman's forehead.

Others are realizing that maybe their skin looks better without it. Journalist Beatrice Aidin recounts in London's Financial Times:

"It’s six months since I gave up Botox – seven years after I first became a human pin cushion. And here’s the weird thing: I swear my skin has never looked better.

"I first started to think about quitting after a fellow beauty editor noted, just as I was about to book a Botox top-up, that I looked better without the jab. Was it possible, I thought, that one day this period in the beauty world might be seen in the same way as the endless cigarettes and lunchtime martinis of Mad Men: a moment of collective insanity from which, thank God, we have recovered?"

Read the whole thing.

Personally, I think you walk a very fine line when getting injections of any kind. It's critical that you see the right doctor (the Dr. Spock eyebrows are a too common side effect with inexperienced practitioners). And be subtle about it. As I like to say, "Botox is the new wrinkles." In other words, that ageless, wrinkle-free look you're after? It actually looks older than just living with those crow's feet.

Are you a Botox fan or do you prefer to be au naturel?