Mariah Carey or Helen Mirren: Which star got it right?

Mariah Carey, Helen Mirren,  Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala

Both Mariah Carey and Helen Mirren walked the red carpet at the Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala on Tuesday. Both gals went for understated hair and makeup: Mariah paired pink blush and lip gloss with a simple straight blowout, while Helen chose a rosier shade on the mouth and lids and rocked a casual hairdo.

So who wins? I’m going with Helen on this one. Mariah’s heaving bosom is getting in the way, and she just doesn’t do “natural” that well (her foundation, for starters, is a bit too pancake-textured for my liking). Helen, on the other hand, is simply gorgeous—wrinkles and all. If she’s had work done, it’s verrrry subtle. (And have you SEEN her bod? Sorry, but she’s 64 and looks better in a bikini than I do!)

Whose look do you prefer?


Que Banh
Thursday, January 7/2010 at 5:56 pm

I’m in agreement. Helen Mirren was looking very classy and gorgeous. I loved her understated makeup, it suited her outfit and her graceful style. I thought Mariah Carey’s makeup was OK but I hated the dress on her. It didn’t go well with the makeup; I felt it was way over the top – she could barely walk in it and it looked like her breasts were going to spill over any second. I think if she chose a more flowing style it would have suited the hair and makeup a lot more.


Laveta Mcelwee
Sunday, September 5/2010 at 8:58 am

Mariah,,,wow! I love your music! I love that song called bye bye! it is a great song! but it sometimes makes me wanna cry!


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