Golden Globes ’10: Christina Hendricks

2010 Golden Globe Awards: Christina Hendricks

Is Christina Hendricks sex on a stick or what? I’m seriously tempted to go dye my hair fire-engine red and buy the most obnoxious push-up bra I can find. I’m so glad she’s still working the va-va-va-voom Joan Holloway/Harris thing, because I’m not ready to let that go yet. (January Jones, take notice: maybe you should have gone more Betty Draper last night.)

Not sure how well this hair or makeup would work in real life—it’s pretty over-the-top—but on the red carpet? It’s the kind of thing beauty editors go gaga over. (Unlike, say, Drew Barrymore‘s fairly uninspiring choices last night.) It’s all about the contrast of that crazy hair (albeit in a classic over-one-eye style) with the almost fluoro-red lips against the milky, milky skin.

Also: is it time to toss out the notion that redheads can’t wear red lipstick?

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