Golden Globes 2010: Nicole Kidman

Her red carpet hair and makeup look.
Michelle Villett
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Her red carpet hair and makeup look.

I'll always have a soft spot for my beauty doppelganger Nicole Kidman. (Apparently, she's my celebrity double—which was cool 10 years ago, but becomes less and less so as she dabbles in lip injections and Botox. Please stop, Nicole!)

Anyway—questionable dermatological procedures aside, I think she looked great last night. Particularly because I'm falling in love with this NEXT BIG HAIR TREND: the side bun. Ain't it purty? (Once I get my hands on a good tutorial for this, I'll post a how-to.)

She has also taken her hair back to a more flattering auburn hue, which I definitely prefer over the blonde we've seen in recent years. (Despite appearances, though, she's actually a natural blonde, not a redhead.)