Is Heidi Montag "Addicted to Plastic Surgery"?

It looks that way.
Michelle Villett
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It looks that way.

At the grocery store over the weekend, I couldn't help but grab a copy of People to look at Heidi Montag's latest surgical transformation.

I don't need to add to the chorus of people shouting about how horrifying this is (even as we give her credit for owning up to the procedures, as well as her PR genius). What I will touch on, however, is how this all adds up to one great big beauty mistake. In case you were wondering, it's NEVER a good idea to:

  • Inflate your breasts to porn star proportions. (The new ones are size DDD, and she wants to go bigger.) Look at Kate Hudson—is she any less attractive with her tiny A-cups?
  • Ditto for the lips. If you've got naturally thin lips, work 'em. (What do you think all those plumping lip glosses are for?) Injecting them with filler looks fake and cheap.
  • Get Botox at age 23. I know Heidi lives in sunny California, but come on. Do you really have wrinkles at age 23?
  • Let a surgeon give you a brow lift. Some of us have naturally arched brows. Crafting them on those who don't is just plain creepy.
  • Dabble too much in cheek injections, or worse, cheek implants. While I understand the motivation behind the cheek work (it gives them more of a feminine curve, whereas before, she looked a bit mannish), this is a slippery slope. Playing around too much with this stuff ends up masculinizing females and feminizing men. Here, it's sort of gone into tranny territory, no?

The whole thing is just sad, because if you go back and watch Season One episodes of The Hills, Heidi was really quite cute and attractive—much more so than Lauren.

What do you think about Heidi's $30,000 worth of plastic surgery?