Golden Globes ’10: Emily Blunt

2010 Golden Globe Awards: Emily Blunt

I have a lot of love for Emily Blunt. Maybe because I sort of want to BE Emily Blunt (she’s engaged to my TV boyfriend, John Krasinski, don’t you know?). But this—this is not good. Can you see what’s happening here? There’s a distinct difference between the colour of her face and the colour of her neck and chest.

And believe me, I sympathize. (Hands up if you apply sunscreen on your face, but let your body get a bit of a tan… doesn’t everybody do that?) But clearly, Emily needs to fire her makeup artist because she hasn’t done a good job with either selecting the foundation colour or blending it out properly.

Otherwise, love the lilac eyeshadow, love the hair. Just wish that Emily pulled a Christina Hendricks and showed off her naturally pale skin, instead of this tanning business. It would have been so much more striking with her dark hair.

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