Golden Globes 2010: Anna Paquin

Her red carpet hair and makeup look.
Michelle Villett
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Her red carpet hair and makeup look.

On True Blood star Anna Paquin, another example of a good updo (as opposed to bad, i.e. too severe/tight/slicked-back, etc.). You can't tell from this picture, but her hair was gathered up in a low bun, similar to Kate Winslet's style. Anna went for the same formula with the bangs, too: side-parted and draping over one eye for a soft, effortless vibe. Love!

Also notice how Anna's makeup coordinates with her show-stopping gold-sequinned dress. With so much action below the neck, you can't even TRY to compete in the makeup stakes. So the thing to do is glowy skin, glossy lips and neutral colours.