SAG Awards ’10: Diane Kruger

2010 SAG Awards: Diane Kruger

Aside from the fact that she’s wearing a mustard yellow dress—a colour I just cannot get behind, neither here nor on Michelle Williams when she wore a similar hue to the Oscars in 2006—I think Diane Kruger looked pretty great on Saturday night. Well, as great as you can look when you’re wearing a mustard yellow dress.

I mean, think about how wrong the makeup could go, people! If it were me in that frock, I’m sure I’d look totally sallow and washed-out. But somehow this bright red lip and warm brownish-rust shadow work with her complexion. Not to mention how much they make her baby blues pop! So it’s a great example of what to do, makeup-wise, if you ever end up wearing an odd shade like this.

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