Grammy Awards 2010: Katy Perry

Her red carpet hair and makeup look.
Michelle Villett
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Her red carpet hair and makeup look.

Katy Perry is a living, breathing cartoon. Isn't she? Gorgeous girl, but sometimes I wonder if she isn't made of plastic. But hey—it's a look, and she works it. Last night the theme was Bettie Page meets Indian Princess, or something like that.

Now, I will never, EVER recommend getting this haircut. I inadvertently had a version of this, thanks to a bang trim gone wrong, and it took me more than two years to grow it out. So if you're thinking of it, buy some of those clip-in bangs before you commit. It's a very hard haircut to pull off.

I don't recommend this makeup, either—although again, I can appreciate that it's Katy's signature style. I just think it's way too heavy all around and contributes to that "plastic" appearance. But maybe that's what she was going for. Or else, as a new ProActiv spokesperson, she's done a good job covering up any signs that she needs the products.