Grammy Awards 2010: Lady Gaga

Her red carpet hair and makeup look.
Michelle Villett
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Her red carpet hair and makeup look.

As you may know, I'm fairly conservative in my beauty choices. I don't wear much makeup, prefer pink—not green or blue—on my nails, and after some poorly-advised hair colour experimentation, I've returned to my signature "bronde" (a sort of nothing in-between hue that's close to my natural mousy brown). This is why I just don't "get" Lady Gaga. But then, it would be REALLY boring if everyone followed my au naturel take on beauty.

So let's see if we can break this down. We've got some candy-pink lips, exaggerated brows, grey eyeshadow and what looks like a canary yellow wig. Could you do any of these elements alone? Yes—at least the first three, worn with fresh skin and not much other makeup. Skip the wig though—that's just WRONG.