Grammy Awards 2010: Nicole Kidman

Her red carpet hair and makeup look.
Michelle Villett
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Her red carpet hair and makeup look.

Last time we saw Nicole Kidman, I was raving about her very on-trend side chignon. (Commenter Britt, however, pointed out some errant blush on her chin, which I think was actually a sunburn.) Thankfully, I couldn't detect any signs of a beauty fail last night. In fact, I'm really loving this softer, curlier updo. It's kind of like Old Nicole—you know, back when she was with Tom and she'd wear her hair in those wild auburn curls? (Not to be mistaken with the Old Nicole of more recent vintage, which saw her adopt some very aging beauty habits, such as borderline grey-blonde hair, a Botox addiction and a disturbingly plumped upper lip.)

Anyway, I really love this colour and style. And her makeup's great too. As you get older, less is definitely more—I love that Nicole knows enough not to shellack on her makeup a la Miley Cyrus.