Grammy Awards 2010: Carrie Underwood

Her red carpet hair and makeup look.
Michelle Villett
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Her red carpet hair and makeup look.

I thought Carrie Underwood looked great—in her typical country and western way—at the People's Choice Awards a few weeks back. But Sunday night, her hair just did NOT do it for me. (We'll talk about makeup in a sec.) This is like an '00s version of the "Rachel" cut, i.e. a heavy top layer with lots of under-cutting and curled inward to frame the face. It's dated—maybe something you'd expect on a TV anchorwoman or politician. And I've already mentioned that I think her colour is slightly too blonde.

Also notice the heavy handedness of the makeup (particularly her too-matte complexion, heavy shadow and overdone brows). No, it's not horrific, but when you look at someone like Olivia Wilde (at the People's Choice Awards, not the Globes), you see a major difference. Also? Carrie and Olivia are about the same age (25, 26). But Carrie could easily pass for 10 years older. Shame.